This Bat Resource Guide will help you through the process of finding, selecting, and caring for your bat.  We also offer a link to our most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).  This portion of our website allows you to research about bats and find out about almost anything related to bat selection. 

The ‘Baseball Bat Care’ section gives you tips on what to do to make your bat last longer. For example, not leaving your bat in the rain or in extremely hot or cold areas may preserve the life of a bat.  This section will give you useful information about making sure you get the most for your money.

The, ‘Selecting a Baseball Bat,’ section gives you a break down of what bats actually consist of.  Bats are offered in four main groups: Adult, Youth, Youth Big Barrel, and Tee Ball. This section tells you how to go about selecting the perfect bat for you.   


The ‘BESR Certification’ section explains how the BESR (Ball Exit Speed Ratio) rules affect how bats are approved for league use, which specific rules apply to Adult bats, and how BESR certification differs from Major League Baseball.


Finally we offer a section of FAQs.  This section covers anything about our website and business that may not be covered in the other sections.  Please feel free to contact us at our email: or by our toll free line of: 1-888-521-4487.